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CWC-9B Clearwater Audio 8" Bose® Door Replacement System 2006-2008

$399 Plus S/H.

Includes: 2 - 8” door replacement speakers with water shields, 2 tweeters, and 2 crossovers. Installation manual.

Available for Miata models 2006-2008, the only audio solution available to upgrade the Bose® factory sound without having to change the entire system!

Available Now, the 8” replacement solution for Bose® Stereo Systems in cars from 2006 to 2008. We're working all the time to come up with solutions for the most recent Miata models, check back for kits that work with the 2013 to 2015 Miata.

The System

Many hours of engineering and listening have produced what we feel to be the best sounding audio upgrade possible for this car. Our system consists of (2) replacement 8” woofers, (2) 1” soft dome tweeters, (2) custom sound modules and all the connectors and wiring needed. As with all Clearwater products, this is a simple “do it yourself” installation process. You can easily install this system yourself in about an hour. There is absolutely no cutting, drilling or splicing needed and you can return your speakers back to stock in the event you would ever want to do such a thing. This system is unlike any other available in the world.

The Sound

Upon first listening to the system you will notice a vastly improved clarity and detail in your music. A well recorded CD will open your eyes and amaze you at what you have missing. Deep and clear bass without strain will be more than apparent on this new system.

Even on “Talk Radio” you will notice improved intelligibility, and will find it easier to understand what is said even at lower volumes.

The Installation

The engineers at Clearwater have gone to great lengths to simplify the installation of our system. The factory speakers are simply removed and replaced with the new ones. There are no modifications needed or wires to cut. Everything simply snaps in or screws into place. Detailed instructions are included to let you do this yourself. If our owner’s Mother can do this, we are confident that you can too. Complete installation time is about an hour.

Which system do I need?

We offer a system for cars equipped with and without the Bose option. Our custom build and designed mid-bass drivers give you the highest quality sonic output that we could handle.  Our tweeter is a custom manufactured high end unit that is used in $900 home theater loudspeakers! This tweeter simply snaps into the door where the factory tweeter was located. Once you see the quality of the parts used and the completeness of this kit, you will understand why Clearwater products are so well received.

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